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Mikado, a “Future tool” for image manipulation with graphs and nodes based on Tempi and GEGL

Mikado is a temporary project name for an image manipulation program through a graphs and nodes interface. The idea come from Cédric Gémy (www.cgemy.com) and Alexandre Quessy (alexandre.quessy.net) : Most of the time image editing require few creative skill, but a lot of technical processing. Today Computer graphics designer spend a lot of their professional time at mechanical tasks like cropping, re-sizing, optimize weight or change colorspace, and have no complete tool to reduce this time. If you know some code, maybe scripting is a way, but in most case you’re reduced to repeat a same task again and again with your favourite image manipulation program. With Mikado we want to try building a node and graphs interface which allow us to create half-automated scenarios of image editing : Node and graphs seems complex at first glance, but are a very powerful way to draw nonlinear scenarios (graphs), with multiples inputs and outputs, giving us a great freedom. Such a tool can be used as well to generate live video contents for public events.

Since 2011, Alexandre Quessy is working on a generic graph and node-based engine called Tempi, technically a C++ library aimed at dataflow programming, similar to Pure Data. It now has a Nodejs addon that makes it easy to create Web-based user interfaces. In combination with the GEGL library from the GIMP project, we now have the fundamental tools to build Mikado. The development of Tempi is made possible thanks to the Society for Arts and Technologies. [SAT] http://www.sat.qc.ca/

More about Mikado and Tempi :

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  2. Diego Matho

    Please keep me posted and informed as Mikado continues being developed. Many thanks!


    . d .


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